Housing Resources

Although we cannot provide housing or organize housing for you directly, we can provide resources to assist your search. As more resources become available, they will be posted here.

Contact Erika/Wendell at somaticperformer@gmail.com for more information.

https://www.airbnb.com/s/Boulder--CO This is a great website that searches for rooms or full apartments and houses for short term rental. We can support you in getting in touch with other participants to organize a group rental weekly, which will greatly reduce costs and put you in a homey environment.

https://www.couchsurfing.org/ Couch-surfing is a great free option for folks who are looking for a spot and don’t mind the couch! Simply set up a membership and search for people in the area who offer their couches/rooms and communicate one on one to find a place.

http://www.boulderlodging.com/cheap-hotels.asp Good compiled resource of local hotel, motel and bed and breakfasts.

For Naropa MFACP Alumni, you can post a request for housing through the following links. This is a great way to commune with other MFAers! We will also be sending a request and will be happy to assist in making connections. Please email me for more info.

Alumni Listserve: http://naropa.edu/alumni-relations/connect-network/join-alumni-list.php

MFACP Alumni FaceBook group: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/25709958132/?fref=ts