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2015 Class - FRONT ROW C: Christina Coates. FRONT ROW L to R: Wendell Beavers, Ben Waugh, Hadley Mays, Veronica Santoyo, Cheryl Banks-Smith, Bailey Anderson, Nelia Miller. TOP ROW STANDING L to R: Marc Devine, Lorenzo Gonzalez, Elizabeth Mozer, Jennifer Hicks, Melissa McNamara, Julia Ziviani, Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, Erika Berland, Jeff Casazza, Eliza Ladd, Mary Bevington. NOT PICTURED: Joan Bruemmer-Holden, EIleen Standley, Masha Mikulinsky

2015 Workshop

2014 Workshop

2014 Class- FRONT ROW L to R: Cynthia Kneen, Monica Dionysiou, Masha Mikulsky; MIDDLE ROW: Mary Bevington, Sonia Smith, Chrissy Coates, Lorenzo Gonzales, Ben Stuber; BACK ROW: Alicia Diaz, Jennifer Hicks, Lizi Watts, Mandy Greenlee, Joan Bruemmer, Jeremiah Black, Rae Johnson; Wendy Allen (not pictured)

2013 Workshop

2013 Class - FRONT ROW L to R: Eileen Standley, Judith Chafee, Rachel Bowditch, Janna Meiring, Wendell Beavers; MIDDLE ROW: Jonathan Bender, Liz Stanton, Elizabeth Mozer, Cynthia Kneen; BACK ROW: Daniella Vinitski, Jason Torres Hancock, Teresa Harrison, Erika Berland, Jennifer Hicks, Lorenzo Fuentes Gonzales, Leeny Sack, Carol Katz (not pictured). And Moose!
Instructor Wendell Beavers, Developmental Technique (TM) - 2013
Finding Gravitational Support for Suspension - 2013
Instructor Erika Berland, Experiential Anatomy and Body-Mind Centering(R) - 2013
Exploring the Side C Curve at Different Physical Levels - 2013
Open Exploration of the Body's Structural Containers through Weight and Gravity - 2013
Exploring the Body's Distal Ends for Support and Suspension - 2013
Discovering Physical Support of the Internal Organs - 2013